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December 2011

The political outcomes of COP17 included a decision by Parties to adopt a universal legal agreement on climate change as soon as possible, and no later than 2015. More at United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Links with the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL) made whilst at COP and I was invited to attend a small TV interview of Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of UNFCCC. During questions I brought her attention to FC – ES and will follow up in 2012

I was delighted that, during a meeting at COP17 with Professor Zhang Xiliang of Tsinghua University and his colleagues, he committed his organisation (the Institute of Energy, Environment and Economics) to becoming part of the FC – ES network. Professor Zhang is an eminent engineer and has been a member of the Chinese official delegation to COP for about 20 years. He would like to work with our colleagues in Hong Kong to help develop a holistic plan for China.

Following helpful introductions from the South African High Commission in London, I had early discussions with the CEO of the South African Institution of Civil Engineers (SAICE) whilst at COP17. SAICE coordinates the African Engineers Forum representing engineers across many African countries. I hope that like my 2011 discussions with China following COP16 that this development may lead to some African partners in 2012.

I met with representatives from WFEO, the World Federation of Engineering Organisations who attended COP.

I have re-established good links with my British Council colleagues and they have reaffirmed their support for FC – ES in the future.

Pernille was offered a booth at COP (2 days before my departure from UK!) and I was able to resource it after my departure from COP with help from my Cambridge colleagues at CISL.

November 2011

Meeting with the Deputy High Commissioner of the South African High Commission, Ms Bongiwe Qwabe, has been arranged. Discussions on how to move the project forward at COP17 with the help of her connections will take place.

Meeting had with Zitouni Ould-dada, the UK conference keynote speaker from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change. Zitouni has offered to connect me with his counterparts in your countries whilst I am at COP17.

Contact made with the British Council Climate Change programme (I met them at COP16 last year) and will be meeting them shortly I hope

October 2011

Phase 3 meeting carried out, with the following two questions posed:

  • What has motivated FC - ES partners to collaborate so far on Phases 1 and 2?
  • What would inspire partners to continue the hard work for a third phase?

Decision made on short-term objectives (October - December 2011):

  • Collate response and feedback of the conference.
  • All interested parties to register for COP 17 by 1st Oct with Pernille Hagedorn-Rasmussen (
  • National engineering associations to send Joint statement to COP 17 representatives in each host country.
  • Attend COP17, present at side event and gain support for FC - ES Phase 3
  • New administrative base to be established at Cambridge University Engineering Department

Decision made on medium term objectives (2012):

  • Implement set of meetings in 2012 for FC – ES partners
  • Agree new aims for Phase 3 (e.g. Compare the models used by different Nations to develop energy plans, with the intent of ‘tweaking’ DECC Pathways to 2050 toolkit to different countries)
  • Expand engineering community to include China, Russia, Africa, etc.
  • Plan for the next conference: location, terms etc.

Decision made on Long term objective (2013 or 2014):

  • Host conference, Future Climate - Engineering Solutions 3 (on different continent perhaps?)
September 2011

Future Climate 2 Conference held between 22-23rd September. The conference communicated the results of the Future Climate - Engineering Solutions.

The Future Climate network compared mitigation priorities and showcased the sustainable energy technologies that each participating nation is choosing in its response to emissions reduction goals and resource constraints.

Conference delegates discussed these technologies, their effect on society, economics and the environment, and the possible pathways to successful deployment. This included their positive impact on green jobs and on resource efficiency, both of which contribute substantially to preserving or restoring sustainability.

Other Stories

In December 2010, Alison attended COP16 as an observer where she was interviewed for the first time by Climate Change TV about Future Climate - Engineering Solutions.