Future Climate - Energy Solutions

Dr Alison Cooke has worked on Future Climate - Engineering Solutions since 2009.

Overcoming climate change is the number one engineering challenge of the 21st century. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has concluded that the rise in global temperatures is due to an increase in greenhouse gas levels. In order to avoid irreversible environmental damage, a fall in greenhouse gas emissions is necessary. In order to keep the rise in temperature below two degrees, global emissions of greenhouse gases must peak before 2015 and must be reduced by 50-85 % by 2050. Reaching global stabilisation in greenhouse gas emissions no later than 2015 is a huge challenge; cuts in emissions and a general de-carbonation of society call for major changes in technologies and lifestyle.

In the search for solutions to the climate challenge, the knowledge and the competences of engineers are essential. This is why thirteen associations of engineers from twelve different countries world-wide have joined the Future Climate – Engineering Solutions (FC-ES) project. The goal of the Future Climate project is to demonstrate climate solutions and technologies that can contribute toward a scenario where the global temperature does not increase more than two degrees Celsius.

Participating Associations

The following associations of engineers from different countries worldwide currently participate in the Future Climate project: 

More Information

For more information, have a look at www.fc-es.net