Carnival UK

Throughout Dr Alison's public engagement, Carnival UK was a particularly important company to invite her to give talks about sustainable engineering for, as these took place on cruise ships during luxurious travel holidays. This helped the shipping sector industry to be aware of the need to lower emissions of fossil fuels and helped raise awareness of climate change to the customers of that industry and others within the shipping business. This is especially vital as this is the hardest area to imporove sustainability effectively.

The vidoes below are from Dr Cooke's online presentations in accordance with People Power during lockdown 2020, however they are in effect the same talks she gave for Carnival UK on cruise ships in previous years.

1. Energy & Climate Change (Part 1) w/ Dr Alison Cooke - PPL PWR SCL CLB

2. Climate Change & the UN (Part 2) w/ Dr Alison Cooke - PPL PWR SCL CLB

3. Sustainable energy - without the hot air w/ Dr Alison Cooke - PPL PWR SCL CLB

4. Wingsail Technology and Sustainable Shipping w/ Dr Alison Cooke - PPL PWR SCL CLB

Some other talks include:

1. Working offshore; a woman in a mans world

2. Entrepeneurship and sports engineering

3. Wingsail technology; from America's cup to commercial shipping