People Power

People Power "A collective that connects sustainable companies, and provides public platforms through which innovative ideas and technologies are shared". Dr Anna Hands, a Cooke associate, is Director of this not-for-profit community organisation, which promotes sustainability and sustainable innovation through public engagement. Find People Power on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkdin.

Dr Anna Hands gave a recent TedX talk which looks at climate change with the theme 'Resilience Amidst Disruption' and titled 'Combating the climate crisis through community' on Saturday, March 27th, available via this link.

In May and June 2020 Alison Cooke presented talks invited by People Power Social Club (PPL PWR ), a professional collective working towards sustainable change, over Zoom during the Corona Virus pandemic (Youtube links below).

Talks 1 and 2 are two parts of a whole talk focused on Energy and Climate Change at the UN level. Dr Alison Cooke, who has been an engineer for over 35 years and worked on national energy plans, explains how the energy plans of the UK may help the nation to reduce their carbon emissions, and subsequent nations similarly. For example, the importance of everyday changes with energy use and widespread switching to electric cars. These talks also address what action is being taken by the UN to tackle the climate change challenge realistically, in relation to our global energy needs, the explanation of data for which is also detailed clearly and accessibly. For up to date information on the current climate change critical thinking and its significance, and how we can tackle this issue, follow links 1 and 2 below.

The third link and second video ties up the previous videos and the issues they presented with regard to the nation's demand on the energy infrastructure and whether it can sustain the nation's needs. Titled "Sustainable Energy - Without the hot air" and influenced by Sir David JC MacKay's book along with his slides, who was Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, Alison suggests how we can change the way we use and generate power in order to be utilising the world sustainably. She stresses that it is imperative that the general public understand and access the data regarding energy usage in our country, as it is the action of every individuals that can generate change globally. She invites everyone to use the Department of Energy and Climate Change's (DECC) pathway calculator to understand how the demand of the public adds up to what the government is doing. Alison explains how much energy everyday activities incurs and the positives and pitfalls of each, along with the statistic estimations for sustainable energy generating systems. To see how to make an energy plan that adds up with supply and demand, and an optimistic approach to the challenge, watch the video link 3 below.

Also hosted by People Power Social Club, Alison Cooke delivered another talk within which she introduces the potential importance, revelation and innovation of Wingsail Technology, a possibly ground-breaking design for sustainable energy production within the shipping sector, one of the highest consumers of energy worldwide.

1. Energy & Climate Change (Part 1) w/ Dr Alison Cooke - PPL PWR SCL CLB

2. Climate Change & the UN (Part 2) w/ Dr Alison Cooke - PPL PWR SCL CLB

3. Sustainable energy - without the hot air w/ Dr Alison Cooke - PPL PWR SCL CLB

4. Wingsail Technology and Sustainable Shipping w/ Dr Alison Cooke - PPL PWR SCL CLB