When Dr Alison Cooke attended COP21 in 2015, where the Paris agreement was formed, she made a personal promise to attempt to counter her own carbon footprint, removing as much CO2 from the atmosphere as she produced in her lifetime. It was at this conference that she talked about the role of engineers in strategies against climate change and in enabling national governments to achieve their emissions reduction targets. She therefore felt a personal responsibility to lead by example in combatting the carbon crisis through offsetting her own emissions.

What is CO20?

CO20, which is the short hand representation for net 0 CO2 emissions, is a project lead by Esther Tun. Started in early summer 2021, its goal to coordinate with offical partners in the faciliation of planting a large woodland of trees, somewhere in the UK.

Esther Tun and Dr Cooke worked together to calculate her lifetime's amount of carbon emissions, using data from The World Bank and averaging her annual estimated carbon emissions, with help from the Carbon The method and calculations for working out Alison's lifetime carbon emissions, and your own, are both available on the Carbon Calculation page. The final figure for Alison's lifetime is 695 metric tonnes, which equates to about 1.7 hectares of woodland - the reasoning for which is also available on said page.

Dr Cooke and Esther then began looking to coordinate with official parties that could help with the professional and scientific knowledge of planting trees in the UK, in the most sustainable and environmental way. Along with finding an appropriate location for the woodland.

The final location for this project is Pertwood Manor Farm, in Wiltshire.

How can you join Dr Cooke in the fight against climate change?

Understanding the impact of your life on carbon emissions is a great start. Use to work out your yearly emissions.

For more information and help calculating your lifetime's carbon footprint, go to Carbon Calculation

There are many avenues to make donations, of any size, towards tree planting schemes in the UK, such as through The Woodland Trust, The National Trust and Green Energy Consulting.

If you too would like to plant a woodland of trees to offset your carbon emissions, The Woodland Trust has many different schemes that can accomodate and financially support you. They offer schemes for businesses and individuals, as well as help with asscertaining the appropriateness of areas of land.

Fundrasing projects can also be hugely helpful to build up larger donations, which can also be arranged through the previously mentioned sites.

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Additional Information

Usefull websites:

Carbon Footprint

The Woodland Trust

The World Bank

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  • Tel: 07522637269