Racquet design and arm injuries


The possible relationship between the design of tennis rackets and the prevalence of arm injuries has been considered. The current understanding of the question and related subjects has been surveyed by reviewing the published scientific literature and discussion with and written input from clinicians working in sports medicine. Commissioned by the International Tennis Federation, the survey concluded that the physical mechanics of the tennis racket, and the racket/ball interaction, are currently reasonably well understood. There is also some good understanding of the influence of the player's grip on the racket, and, conversely, of the effect of the ball-racket impact on the player's arm in terms of the transfer of an impulsive jerk and a subsequent brief vibration. Significant critical gaps in current knowledge exist and have been identified.

Tennis Player

Dr Alison J. Cooke - Cooke Associates, Cambridge, UK

K. Roussopoulos - Cambridge University. UK

J.M. Pallis - Cislunar Aerospace, Inc., San Francisco, CA, USA

S. Haake - University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK