A Comparison Of Cricket Ball Cores


Unlike many sports, cricket balls for use in first class matches in the UK must pass a testing regime described in a British Standard. Various work has investigated the aerodynamic ('swing') properties of cricket balls and some has been carried out examining the dynamic properties of balls during impacts with the pitch and bat. However, very little research is known to have been published on the cores of cricket balls, the construction of which can vary widely from traditional wound centres to composite moulded ones.

This paper describes elements of a study carried out to compare certain material properties of the cores of all the balls licensed for use in UK first class cricket with those of traditionally manufactured centres. Results show that certain types of construction can lead to 17% variation in hardness along the principal axes. These hardness variations were also apparent when complete balls were tested.

Cricket Balls

Timothy A.W. Jarratt and Dr. Alison J. Cooke - University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering