Management Development


Everything you hold on to will rot with you.
Only that which you hand over endures.
This is particularly true of knowledge.
If you wish to hold on to what you know, it will be as transitory as you.
If you give it away, it will endure forever.

Leadership by Schiutema

Cooke Associates offers expertise in management development to both large and smaller companies across a range of industries.

Our aim is to help the people in your organisation work together better. We bring to bear both a general understanding of how relationships and people work, and the ability to build up a specific picture of the challenges faced by a particular company.

Experience and Expertise

One of Alison Cooke's responsibilities in the Department of Engineering at Cambridge University was the supervision of the Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management (ISM – previously ACDMM). During this time she was responsible for 124 projects in a wide range of industries. Information on these projects is available on the ISM (previously ACDMM) Database.

A full list of Cooke Associates projects is available. Examples of management development projects include:

Alison Cooke has published a number of articles on Management Development. She has also mentored for the Marie Edwards college as an alumni in 2020 - link to programme.