Sharon Dixon

Dr Dixon is an expert in biomechanics with a specialisation, inter alia, in the mechanics of the foot and ankle in running. Her expertise is not solely academic, as she has represented her country as a distance runner in both cross country and road races.


1993-1996 Loughborough University, Ph.D. ‘The influence of heel lift devices on the loading of the Achilles tendon in running’

1986-1989 Loughborough University, B.Sc. (Hons) Degree: Mathematics, Physical Education and Sports Science (2:1)

Professional History

Jan 1999 - date Senior Lecturer, Biomechanics, University of Exeter, Exeter, EX1 2LU. Responsible for the organisation and running of research projects in areas of sport and exercise biomechanics, for the delivery of undergraduate taught modules in sport and exercise science, and for the supervision of post-graduate research students.

May - Nov 1998 Research Fellow, Human Performance Laboratory, University of Calgary, Canada

1997 - Apr 1998 Research Associate in Sports Biomechanics, University of Nottingham, England

1993 - 1996 Full-time Ph.D. in Sports Biomechanics, Loughborough University,England

1992 - 1993 Part-time Research Assistant and Part-time M.Phil.,Loughborough University, England

1990 - 1992 Assistant Engineer, British Aerospace (Commercial Aircraft) Ltd., Hatfield, Herts.

1989 - 1990 Exercise Physiologist, British Olympic Medical Centre,Harrow, Middlesex

Research Interests
  • Understanding of lower extremity overuse injury mechanisms
  • The influence of footwear, shoe insert and surface manipulations on lower extremity biomechanics
  • Application of pressure data to understanding human movement
Recent Publications (2008 - 2012)

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