Duane Knudson


Duane Knudson is a co-writer on the LTA Science in Tennis CD-ROM, where he writes about the physics of tennis ball design, construction, flight and control.

Duane Knudson is an associate professor in the Department of Physical Education and Exercise Science at the California State University-Chico.

He earned his PhD in biomechanics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1988.

His primary areas of research are the biomechanics of tennis and exercise.

Dr Knudson has pioneered innovative force measuring technology and data smoothing techniques for research on tennis performance and injury.

He has published numerous studies and several chapters on the biomechanics of tennis, has served on the USTA Sport Science Committee, and has become internationally known as an expert on the biomechanics of tennis.

Dr Knudson has also authored several studies and the first scholarly book on the qualitative analysis of human movement.