Crawford Lindsey


Crawford Lindsey is a co-writer on the LTA Science of Tennis CD-ROM, where he writes about tennis racquet science.

Crawford Lindsey is the publisher and managing editor of Racquet Tech magazine and The Stringer's Digest (publications of the USRSA).

He is also the web developer/master of the US Racquet Stringers Association website,, for which he has developed extensive software programs dedicated to racquet selection, customisation, optimisation and stringing.

His bachelor's degree is from Princeton University, and he has done further studies in publishing, education and business.

He was a product manager for squash and racquetball racquets as well as tennis and ski accessories at Head Sports.

He is co-author of "The Physics and Technology of Tennis" and author of "The Book of Squash".

He has written extensively on the science and technology of tennis in Racquet Tech magazine.