Cooke Associates Client List

In conjunction with Cambridge University

Whilst teaching in Cambridge University's Engineering Department Alison Cooke's responsibilities included the Advanced Course in Design, Manufacture and Management, as part of which she supervised consulting projects for over a hundred companies and organisations. A list of ISM (previously ACDMM) projects is available here.

She was also responsible for delivering a theme within the Manufacturing Leaders' Programme, working with senior managers from the following companies:

  • AECI Explosives Ltd
  • APV Baker
  • APV Homogenisers
  • BAT
  • Caradon
  • Clarke American
  • Ford Motor Company
  • GEC
  • GKN
  • Glaxo Wellcome
  • Harris Broadcast
  • ICI
  • IMI
  • LCH Group Plc
  • Meggitt Avionics
  • Rolls Royce
  • Scottish Power
  • Spillers
  • 3COM Europe Ltd
  • Tungstone Batteries Ltd
  • Whipp & Bourne
Project Work at Cambridge University

As an employee of Cambridge University's Engineering Department, Alison Cooke carried out a number of projects for companies and organisations to whom her expertise was relevant. These included the following:




Dunlop Slazenger International Ltd.

Shuttlecock research and product development (T900 range)


Market models for inspection probes

Dunlop Slazenger International Ltd.

Design of a shuttlecock durability tester

Walker Wingsail

Production control of luxury yachts

Dunlop Slazenger International Ltd.

Design of a high performance cricket glove

GEC Plessey Semiconductors

Cost comparison of two manufacturing processes

Cambridge University Engineering Department

Cadbury Ltd.

Material waste reduction

International Tennis Federation

Tennis ball aerodynamics

International Tennis Federation

Correlation between racquet design and arm injuries

England and Wales Cricket Board, four major manufacturers

Comparison of cricket ball cores

Cooke Associates Projects

Cooke Associates has carried out studies and projects for a wide range of companies and organisations, listed below. Further information on specific projects, where it has been possible to make it available, can be viewed by clicking on the project title.




British Heart Foundation

Cambridge University Staff Development Office

North Essex Health Authority

US Tennis Association

Using sports science to enhance performance

Science Enhancement Programme

West Anglian Cancer Network

Lawn Tennis Association

The science of tennis in coaches’ education (CD ROM development)