Tom Hands

Tom graduated from Drake University, in Iowa, in the US. He studied environmental science with a focus on hydrology/ geology. During this degree he completed independent research creating a monetary model for cutting down CO2 in California, in a variety of production sectors.

In 2017 Tom travelled with Dr Alison Cooke as her personal assistant to the Environmental Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) conference where they interviewed people for their thoughts on how engineers are going to play a part in adapting to our changing environment. In the coming year Tom has plans to look at the energy spread of a chosen US state in an independent research project.

Tom is currently involved in a project with People Power that looks at creating a cheap particulate air sensor to help map out the air quality in Camden Town in London. He specifically worked as part of a data team looking to use extrapolate things from data that would collect the data and present it in useful ways for the local council to use.